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Not too keen to play, I play a miracle there is a purpose. “I’ll hear snail Liangzi raised his head, the top of a green man short hair, ears bunch of earrings, one monaural most dazzling blue diamond stud earrings and some wheat-colored skin, there are two Mixed golden master promoter, lips are not thin not thick that type, at the moment he was looking at me, where people could not guess the mood, Akiyoshi? Was he capitalists?

“In fact, I personally do not like playing games, that kind of thing is purely a waste of time, I play this game is to help an elder’s busy, I do how should I say, the family is not very happy, so good for an elder What bitter heart, the most no way, so hot that he agreed wholeheartedly, every family has its cupboard, he said she had a headache granddaughter every day to live in the fantasy of the network, originally wanted to go to things are very sunny but want to do it so dark, seems to have been trying to avoid what he said I and his granddaughter’s age rather, I hope I can enter his granddaughter’s life to help her, but also hope that I can help his granddaughter and another a boy making opportunity for them together and I promised to be good, but now I may have to eat them, because I did not have any ability to influence others, I do not have that kind of potential sparkling shine to others, who also pulled their own the. And some things I can not do, so please tell your grandfather spider I do not want to try to get into your fantasy world, I am now in your world. Also, your grandfather really love you. ”

“Oh, I will, I know that my grandfather hurt me, he has done everything for me, thank you for helping me, but there is no secrets between friends did not affect the reservoir, snails, thank you say it.” I laugh laugh, snails are friends ah!

“Oh.” White Palace relieved laughing. The Cypress at Gino did not pay attention when stared fiercely palace white one. Look spectacular on its face, Tao made the matter concerns an armchair.

“I was Zhuge, formerly known as Tao Yan, Akiyoshi teacher sects students, teachers now are managing a branch in autumn.” Tao Yan concise introduction to some of their own, they indicate the next person.
“I was silent, formerly known because of work to be kept confidential.” an
27, twenty-seventh, then …

a wrapped himself invisible face of the black man said.
And next to him, then another black man then said: “I am God na. formerly the words above.” Here we are invariably hear pumping the pumping mouth.
“Ahem, sir, say can reveal.” radish out timely reminder.
and that two black people hear the Laus son took off his cloak, revealing two identical faces, the two seem as big as me, but they do not seem to students that have been very good to put facial features to together, but how it all seems very ordinary, is the kind of push to the crowd can not find the type. Expression of regret to see everyone, they become accustomed shrugged, how can we not regret it? Arbitrarily changed the face becomes a big handsome. We can only say that they would give birth to a mom too, but not too much so happens that face conspire together to achieve extraordinary minimum standards.

“I’m Lexi, made with the same channel is Akiyoshi teacher’s protege, now also help the teacher to manage the company, my original Ming Jiaoluo Lexi.” one looks only 15,6 looked skinny old boy stood out said. Scared out of us all on the chin. This is the sturdy Lexi! ? And it was formerly used Hell.
“Haha, I said my son extraordinary it!” a mountain roar again our jaws scared back. A look, actually is Sister ZHANG Cui-fang! ! ! Son? How is this going?

“Lexi is the sister’s son, do not look at him so Chicks, in fact, has more than thirty years old.” heard here, I can not help but looked at Lexi, and he utter two watery eyes, trembling mouth at us, too, too, too, too cute!

“Haha, my son you do not put this expression, there is aging mother in, you should not even think we fooled by appearance!” Big Sister gave Lexi back of the head at once, and then very sturdy said.
And Lexi rubbing back of the head drum of the package looked very own aging mother a resentment.

“Ahem, I called zipper, and Lexi are twins, I called Rollo water.” zipper board with a face very serious, said Zhang Mazi. And we were just very calm response, after all, we have not this family have any hope.
“As everyone says, that I also rude and I was his older sister’s husband, two children’s father.” radish remarks scared out of my eyeball. This message too sturdy!
“me, I do not know how? ‘I stammered.
“Ahem, sir, I was afraid of your lovely family have a negative impact on your mental cause distress.” radish face resentment said. I rubbed his already messy little darling, in the heart thanks to Grandpa, that’s right, if the long-term family along with so sturdy, not too crazy half silly.

because not too many people coming, so after the cheerful laughter, everyone will introduce almost the same.
I glance at Cypress, strange from the outset, Cypress to disturb them? Is is Grandpa? I’m aware of, the palace said that the white grandfather was the son of a friend’s house Cypress! Hum.

saw me looking at him, Cypress some uncomfortable cough twice, and then finally spoke and said: “I am …. ….

27, twenty-seventh, then …

author has to say: Although we better very slowly, but we also have difficulties, and now policy improvement, and I one week to six days on the course, and the rest one day homework, but one day also nine lessons, super job and more depressed.
look at me so tired, leave me made comments about it! Pro ah, you just need to write a few words for me is very important!


28, twenty-eighth, then …

twenty-eighth, then Cypress? Dragon. . . . .

saw me looking at him, Cypress some uncomfortable cough twice, and then finally spoke and said: “I am a Dragon world, the only son of the dragon family, is now in my father’s company internship.” he ducked me stare his eyes, eyes constantly wavering.

“Ahem, well, we quickly went to Daqing it, we grouped play, or else too many people likely to cause congestion.” carrot immediately come out as a peacemaker. He found an excuse to look awkward.

“Well, on which, the white house with us.” I pulled on it and white palace stared fiercely at Cypress then out of the music classroom. The Cypress also sighed with frustration out.

“Oh ~ ~ long way to go ah!” carrot looked away in four words on the road sigh said.

“on it, here you are familiar with, you come to lead the way.” I shook with its delightful said.
huge campus in four are covered with colored flowers, we flew with the opening of the balloon flying, surrounded by colorful stalls, featuring shouting voices. Wearing a bunny costume female students made a variety of leaflets.

“Yeah, Gino sister school, in love with her boyfriend to go with our community arena to see it! where competition is being held! victorious couple can get a mysterious gift too!” an elementary school girl suddenly jumped out, ambiguous three boys looked at me and said cheerfully.

“Oh, thank you we’ll go.” Before I could answer, the first of which will be more ambiguous in the eyes of elementary school girl under agreed.
“original Gino sister school and the teacher is a pair of white ah!” has been satisfactory answer that school girl grumbling away.

“white on his!” I looked on their dissatisfaction with a gnashing of teeth, said.
“We go and see!” and he did not rational me, but a good mood, he told.

a hand was pulling on his other hand was holding the white house, and Cypress uncomfortable tightly followed, we have a pedestrian walked school girl said arena, in fact, a very high driving the table, the top covered with pink ribbons, tied one on each side of a big red heart-shaped balloon.

“to apply to come here a couple!” We walked down the sound, to the Registration Office discovered a problem when you want to apply.
We now have three boys and a girl, couple is two people, then I really want to participate in the competition and who does?
“teacher, if you feel troubled, I can let you join four people, but each game only on two people.” a third-grade boys looked troubled us kindly offered.
“Thank you.” with its brilliant smile.
“Well, uh, you’re welcome.” boy looked on his face stammered. It will not be gay! I want pie pie.

“Well, now we have 56 teams participated in a couple of community organizations in love couple game, this event in Europe and America from the open faucet occlusion friendship funded International Limited, today you stuffed yet? prizes this event limited by the counterfeit jewelry companies, and counterfeit jewelry, are absolutely counterfeit! Now we have players on your
28, twenty-eighth, then …

field! “After a host without panting passionate opening remarks, I am under attack in three men with big waves troops embarked on a desk.

however surprising is that in addition to the stage a couple of students and staff of the company Akiyoshi, but actually there to see the old man dorm aunt and janitor combination laughing look wretched Acting Vice Chancellor and his Xiaomi, look over there actually there on the stage of intimacy is really what people have seriously damaged the image of the campus! . . . . . Huh? But that two people so familiar indecent ah. . . That is. . . . Radish. . . . And Big Sister! Actually two of them in a large crowd under Xx! ! ! I fainted. (Big Sister X represents sturdy stout, thin slim small x represents radish)

prodding me speechless next to men, but they are just away from the head side to the other side of those two, the amount. They seem to have seen, I was silent for a moment resolutely choose the crowd, I turn. . . . . .

“standard to the ancients, men will fly against girls recite poems pair is civil and military, women will dance embroidery born doll is virtuous, today we want to Wen, Wu, Yin three aspects of the test, select the most outstanding happy couple and now we will be the first field test of: Wu! competition is open to men and women, a group of the case may be! convenient if one party attacks on the count victories, has now decided contestants ready to play! “host a finish, everyone buzzing on,
“our group who on it?” with its usual smiling face should not be said.
“I was Taekwondo Kudan.” Cypress lifted rise somewhat proud to say.
Palace saw a white pride despised Cypress, said: “I am a senior sixth Sanda, Sanda Asian Cup champion, currently ranked first in Asia.”
“I had just enough age, the examination of the five sections of Kendo 20 age group ranked third in the World Championships.” pushed his glasses on his sepulchral said.
“Well, now contestants play!” I looked at the three men quarreling, very silent walked beside the moderator.
“ah! Nono, how do you go up?” Cypress was first discovered exclaimed. But it was too late.
“Well, we do not draw, and the first to come up on the little girl who came second Battle it!” one presenter finished, there are a few big boys can not wait to come, but are despised by his girlfriend’s eyes scare.

“I did kind of virtue!” one looks burly boy broke his girlfriend walked.

“Pleased to meet you.” I bowed and said with folded hands.
“hum. really is bigger ah!” Then he saluted.
“ready! GO -”
“Ha -” host echoes faded, the brawny they rushed over, one would grab my hand to stop living my actions.
I dodge a turn, a turn hand grabbed his arm, straining a back, he was my heavy fell on the ground.
“Judo ten.” I shook up the folds of the clothes, saying, and motioned for the host to the next person up.
“Pleased to meet you.” one of the boys walked Sven speaking.

“ready – G
28, twenty-eighth, then …

o “host’s voice sounded, but both of us have no further action, but each other tentatively, the enemy does not move I do not move in the end. then the other and finally unable to bear, in a feint straight after rushed over with a side kick instep, I quickly narrow abdomen dodge, he wanted to give me a sideways sudden snatch, I quickly jumped down his hand after giving him a hard fist, he is karate tricks ah ! “Aikido sixth. “I salute with folded hands said.

“I come! I was semi-professional boxer, I do not believe you can escape my fist!” a man pushed his face grim weak girlfriend jumped up. I faint, it Daqing how what people have it?
host the opening and before this time, that fellow could not wait for a strike, it seems that I was looked down upon him, and this boxing undisguised peering actually called, after the jump I’m a lucky defense, straight Step sideways escape uppercut, the habit of kicking him away to go head-to-toe, I do not know the habits of boxer or how he escaped my feet kicking in the past, they picked up and shoved me in melee, I quickly a somersault to escape, stretching did not react to the big guys a draw legs, a successful attack to him.
“K · O” Moderator cushioned feet trot rushed quickly ran over the big guys hands raised loudly announced.
“how so? She just touched by I do not prepare me! I did not lose it! What kind of game?” exclaimed against the big guys, brandished a fist fight against the host’s face would go, but he was robbed of his hand down.
“To fight wherever he goes, do not go to Hall Road kicking here in our trouble.” heard the familiar voice I quickly looked up, it really was those guys. I quickly chickened wanted to run, you can not lift the leg was handed flute up.
“Miss, how do you get a few days but not so soft soft?” Isshiki (shai three times) children prawn black dress, who was his grandfather’s bodyguards, all of them are in the elite bodyguards, did not think Grandpa they sent it. My self-defense are also they teach. Had my grandfather was afraid I was trained as his bodyguards were the same magnificent, reckon I’m still tortured by these monsters.

“Haha, Well girls to be weak.” My name haha.
“Well, do not tell me that a turnip, radish look like, yet his wife strong!” Black prawns look spurned said.
“Ahem, I really do not know that I have grown so strong ah!” Big Sister mouth twitching and said fiercely.
“big, big sister ~ ~ ~” I’m always surprised to see school prawns crabs go into a bent timid large shrimp.
large shrimp really want to know what I was surprised, very awkward cough twice, said: “Sister former bodyguard is classic, but the head bodyguard!” large shrimp like to think of what to say while shaking side of awe, watching usually large shrimp actually proud stormed such a face, I can not help but admire watching Sister, Sister strong body suddenly huanghuang in gold under the sun seems to become tall and fuzzy, she goes on an extraordinary face I’ve seen do not know, but I know her spirit lives on, and she is the most beautiful people! ! Keke, beside the point.
28, twenty-eighth, then …

“Since you are my people out of education, then we will not tell you this old couple earned, you xiaonianqing trouble themselves to it!” Big Sister forthright smile, walked to the audience Languo radish. Radish handkerchief waved hands looking face and said: “Be sure to bring a partner to go home ah! If would be better with a ball!” I’m ashamed

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Leaves are wide and nodded.
“I’m not so unlucky, right?” she retorted.
“hard to say yo! people are still stronger than the day difficult arrangements, maybe you’re so unlucky.” Shao Fei, then drew her eyebrow stare. “I’m partial nothing!” She made almost stomp.
“whatever you want, anyway, now you are to the safety of the responsibility, not mine, what happened, but also to the middle of the worry, just suggested it when I did!”
“You!” Chen Rouer fist with both hands, as if to hit him like a shot.
sink to the middle and the two leaves are wide sandwiched among some loss.
but people still just like a peace, but now they want to fight an appearance.
“Shao Fei ……” Ye are wide comparison on his side, because he is hard to believe that was just his opinion and graceful Chen Rouer, he did so with personality, stubborn.
“Rouer ……” sink to the middle course by her side, not degrees, who taught him to be the culprit causing trouble, and Chen Rouer is his cousin.
“Do not look at me, I told the woman is the most formidable, mindless animal.” Shao Fei said coldly: “Only afterwards will be crying out to admit, really does it cry.”
“Do not tell me you’re not the woman, smelly Sha Zhu!” she unceremoniously top back.
“Rouer ……” Although it is standing in the sink to her side, but he could feel Shao Fei starting point is kindness.
“I’m going to call Shen Fu!” Chen Rouer turn.
“akwan, we should also ready to start work.” Shao Fei also got up.
“to the ……”
“step is a step up!” sink to the dejected, Mozhe.
brother at this time came in the PUB, PUB is a seven-time for business.
Chen Rouer really did not expect their luck to be so back, to call only to find Shen Fu Shen Fu left her phone number was actually work phone, this time, the company simply had no one to answer the phone.
all been Shao Fei goes on to say in a big mouth!
“your classmates are not you?” sink to the question of concern.
her sip Min Chun, with nods to his answer.
“I think -”
“Cousin, I go to a hotel better.” She cut sink to the words.
“No!” Shen afternoon to think of her as long as it happened to the scalp tingling. “Shao Fei was right, you are a girl go to a hotel, in case they run into bad guys out of trouble, then how can we do?”
“Rouer!” sink to the face in a soon become bitter it.
to the mood Shen Chen Rouer pretty well understood.
“how do you want me to do in the end?” she said.
“You -”
“I can not live ‘Sha Zhu’ there!” thought he just did belittle woman, she had gas.
scratched sink to the hair, is knowing what to do, I saw the leaves are wide ran a hurry.
“to Central, finished!”
sink to have a heart attack in a fast expression, his heart has not load another accident.
“A Jungang just called and said others in the hospital.”
BAND where Arjun is their keyboard player, is a very talkative boy.
“how in the hospital? should not matter?” They are comparable four brothers also pro, even Shao flew military service, they are all on different universities, with enthusiasm for music, they do not lose contact, even in the Shao Fei retired immediately after the composition Zhezhi BAND.
“He was a motorcycle taxi knocked down some dislocated his right hand, but this is unfortunately the great fortune.”
heard the taxi, Chen Rouer face and pale.
“That tonight’s show how to do?” sink to also anxious.
If the usual keyboard hand is nothing less obstructed, they can change the concert repertoire, but tonight is special.
because tonight there is a record company boss wants to see them perform, maybe tonight’s performance can make their long-awaited wish come true. They have been hoping that a record; especially Shao Fei, on this show is betting a lot of effort, and now …… “Rouer, you are not play the piano?” Sink to the middle hopefully see her.
She nodded, not knowing what he was selling snake oil medicine.
“akwan, no problem, have hope.” he shouted. “My cousin can replace Arjun play.”
“Thank goodness! I go and tell Shao Fei.” Ye Chen Rouer Zhengkuan made almost worship.
“Cousin, I ……”
“Come on, tonight’s performance is very important to us, you must be his help.”
“But ……” how would this be? She came to teach?
“Rouer! I beg you, I beg you count, okay?”
she is soft-hearted, you can not deny to others.
“Okay! but if something goes wrong, you can not blame me.”
“No problem, there Shao Fei in, plus you, everything NO PROBLEM!”
Shao Fei! Shao Fei! Chen Rouer really do not understand why they have so much Shao Fei convincing sense of a thought keep up with him, she could not help but grunt: “Sha Zhu!”
Chen Rouer a spot to feel.
she studied the piano, will play the piano, but she could never play the piano too, facing the keyboard, she had only a daze copies.
“Rouer, how do you?” sink to the middle waving drumsticks in BAND where he is as a drummer.
“I did not play through this stuff!” She was a little upset.
Shao Fei took a good set of spectrum, to the piano rack swing.
“is very simple, as long as the switch is opened, the TEMPO to 96 places, then put BALLAD button is pressed, the control tablature bomb would be no problem.” He was right at ease, but he is confident that it did not.
“But ……” seems to lose control of her hand froze.
“Take it easy, this is the number of full-spectrum accompaniment chords, you should not even this can not read it!” His words with provocation and ridicule.
“girl’s dictionary does not ‘understand’ the word.” She glared at him bitterly.
“Well, that we have to try again!” he nodded, a gesture, as if the whole BAND has soul.
love is beautiful
there are many who think so
but I was reluctant to try
heart because I also want to fly
I do not want to tie him down by
I want is freedom Maybe someday

find my beloved girl
I’ll tie him Gan Xinshou
for her lost freedom
but only but
maybe just maybe No one can tell me

this girl in any place
so I still fly high
pursue freedom belongs to me
This is a song with a strong jazz flavor, accompanied BALLAD rhythm, plus Shao Fei little hoarse, sexy, lazy, cool voice sing it, it’s very unique style.
Chen Rouer did not think he would so quickly enters the case, as Shao Fei said, and that was not difficult, even though she is the first contact with the keyboard of this instrument, it can easily grasp its characteristics.
“You play very well.” This is not hypocrisy, then, and he never easy opening praise others, especially – woman.
Chen Rouer not become complacent because of a compliment, proud girl, but when Shao Fei praise her when she actually feel myself floating, as if a heart can still fly up ……
“We then practice again.” He was a leader of the tone, this time to listen to Chen Rouer ears are no longer so harsh, because Shao Fei BAND song is the soul of his songs have a life so BAND, issue glory.
As they rest, PUB also went home with guests.
“Rouer, do you think that song just does not stick stick? That Shao Fei’s works, there are a lot of girls are looking forward to his lyrics that girl, but – hard Oh! He’s like the lyrics said, not tie him down, do not want to lose their freedom. “sink to a very regrettable sigh. “I really do not know what the girls can grab his heart?”
Chen deliberately pretend Rouer understood no, but I do not know why the sink to the phrase “I do not know of any girl could seize his heart”, has been haunted her thoughts.
twitched her hair she could not seem to want this damn mind uprooted, but has also said to himself: “Who caught his heart, who is unlucky!”
“and then apply a dressing face it!” Shao Fei voice interrupted Chen Rouer thoughts.
like cheating was caught wildly, her little face and slips Zhang Hong.
she can not escape the strange glow Shao Fei’s eyes, but he seems to have misunderstood.
“how is your face so red?” he said, very “natural,” the hand touch her face, even if only slightly and look, they also Zhengzhu.
forgot to withdraw his hand, her eyes tightly watched him ……
“I think about it more dressing!” He shocked his gaffe, hand back, handed her the ice, hastily turned.
God! Why his hand as if on fire wildly hot? This feeling even spread to his heart sinking, has long been frozen, making it slowly in melted without knowing it.
☆ ☆ ☆
When the concert stage lights slowly turn bright, without any opening remarks, Shao Fei with a beautiful rhythm of English songs WILL YOU EVER LET ME as OPENING, girls scream after another, when Shao Fei Just sing the song of his own songs when, PUB atmosphere almost to the boiling point.
when he sings, “Gan Xinshou tie him for her loss of freedom”, the audience all the girls crazy, from their eyes, Chen Rouer can have a strong feeling they all want to be the lyrics that “beloved girl . ”
there are shares not restrained acid slipped deep sense of pan-Chan Rouer the heart, like a spilled bucket of acid like vinegar.
concert ended, they returned to the lounge.
Shaofei Jiong Jiong bright eyes, that due to the sweat streaming music fanatic and so Chen Rouer eyebrows.
like a tacit agreement, such as the heart have as their vision entwined, long time can not be separated.
“Sorry! I was King record company representatives.” a stranger’s voice broke in, so that they recover their vision.
“Our boss just looked at your performances, he felt you great potential, plasticity is also high, in time, will become the mainstream of pop music, if you are willing, King hopes to sign the contract with you.”
this sentence a finished, almost everyone jumped up.
three boys clap each other shouting “YA”!
“to Form, your cousin is lucky star Oh!” Leaves are wide, then make everyone’s eyes toward Chen Rouer whole, and make her face slightly red.
“no! I did not help anything, all this is all your efforts to come.”
“Rouer, thank you.” Shao Fei, then knock her heart. “Really thank you, but also for the attitude of apology before, I hope you can accept my apologies, I have no malice, if you trust me, these two days wronged you live in my place, I believe we can become friends.”
Chen Rouer a motionless staring at him, the feeling is sweet, is beautiful.
“In fact, I also have imperfect.”
“Well! Xie also thanked apology also said the two of you from now on is the ‘friend’ it.” Ye are the same width but also silly Leng Leng aside to sink in winking.
“uh, yes, yes, yes – friends!” sink to the middle of this reaction much faster. “But I feel like something ‘broken’ in one place.” He said, searching for really bent shape.
“to, you find anything?” Shao Fei so confused by his behavior.
“Cousin, you say something broken in one place, how do I not see?”
“glasses Yeah!” He lifted his lips touch mischievous smile.
“Eye – Mirror – she did not understand.” have it? ”
“there Oh! lot of it!” Ye are too wide to Shao Fei wink.
is – below the glasses do not you all? Shao Fei and Chen Rouer!
their sarcasm, ironic Shao Fei only shook his head.
Only Chen Rouer this little aside straight fool still muttered: “how I did not see anything?”
☆ ☆ ☆
sink to the heart finally admitted Shao Fei Chen Rouer residence when put down.
Chen Rouer thought the boys a place to live, such as novels describe some dirty messy, underwear, socks lying all. But she goes to a place to live Shao Fei, unexpected discovery was actually spotless, wells and orderly, although only the old buildings, the number is not large floor Japanese-style bungalows, but gives a very comfortable, peaceful feeling.
“You can sleep in my room.” He opened the door, and even bed quilts are folded neatly.
“I sleep in your room, then you go to sleep?” she asked.
“I can sleep on the studio.” He took her into his mouth, “the studio.”
say it is the studio, it would be said to be “music room” is more appropriate.
There violin, saxophone, guitar, electric guitar, as well as a piano, the piano is also filled with a variety of music shelves.
“These instruments all yours?”
“yes, all my, it’s all my grandmother gave me.” When he says “Grandma” word, the eyes have a hint of melancholy people find difficult to teach, but can not escape Chen Rouer careful observation.
“how did not see your grandmother?”
“She died two years ago.”
“Oh, sorry!”
He shrugged his shoulders, revealing a shallow laugh, this is the first time I saw him Rouer Chan smile, even if only light was almost difficult to capture, I think she is captured.
“This house is my grandmother left me, but it happens to be located in the park scheduled to government, perhaps another year must be demolished.”
Chen Rouer affects the lips, a good expression of regret.
“do not talk about that, you are tired, bathroom around the corner, you take a shower, sleep it!” like he suddenly remembered what he said: “You wait for me.”
Chen Rouer unknown to see him walk into the room, came out in the hands of more than a set of sportswear.
“may be bigger, but the first for just a moment, and tomorrow I’ll take you to buy a change of clothes.”
he had so carefully noticed her bags left behind in a taxi.
“Thank you.” She took the hand clothes, centerless room with his hand to touch it, feel kind of dumb dumb and fled to her limbs.
Gosh! Him why such a strong current? And even more incredible is that she felt like an electric shock, how could this be?
☆ ☆ ☆
“You …… is Shao Fei, that is -” Wu Meng Shen Fu far it is to cut off.
“Meng Yuan, not for me about?”
Shen Fu’s smile froze in time to see Shao Fei.
not believe their eyes as she wildly fierce blink.
“how to be so – like!” She never seen Shao Fei, but she had seen photos, and even understanding understanding, and understanding his understanding was like a mold carved out.
“Shen Fu, he is -” Wu Meng Yuan sudden do not know how to describe him.
“Egan Order of the Han.” Shao Fei called out their names.
Oh! He called Egan Order Han, one looks like Shao Fei, like understanding and understanding father, perhaps under the sun there are people who look alike.
However, Egan order yet uttered a make Han Shen Fu shocking name.
“Five years ago, my friends call me Shao Fei!”
Chen Rouer almost down the bandstand with the escape.
she only felt restrain the violent shaking.
stop! Stop! She growled to himself constantly, clinging to his thundering head, tears like a reservoir spillway gates opened like a torrent. He is not! He is not Shao Fei!
you are wrong! Looks like you just put a man as Shao Fei Shao Fei!
She pulled her hair wild, with the back wiped the tears that inexhaustible.
“knock”! “Knock”! Knock on the door made her sanity restored some more.
she casually extracted several glossy, casually rubbed on the face, really insane, this way if they are to see the Shen Fu, Shen Fu do not terrified.
however! People are really scared her!
warning she did not mind, as much as one can look so much alike, even if the ashes ……
“Rouer!” This cries that she almost forgot to breathe, her mind a blank, it seems like the dead.
turned around she did not dare, because it managed to stop the tears began to roll down by her eyes.
“Rouer, I was!”
This time, almost made her killed.
not fantasy, is so realistic sound.
spin slowly over her body ……
“I! Shao Fei!” He seems to only repeat themselves

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Getting a good spirit, alcohol is slowly quit during that time the.
someone tapped her shoulder.
look back to the rank and file.
She smiled at him indifferently, vaguely intimate.
to Zuo a moment, her face carefully observed: “drink a lot of it?”
Wu Tong force rubbed his eyes, “is still awake. Well, what extraordinary measures?”
to Junior awe.
silent for a moment, as if some struggle.
Wu Tong to see him obviously took a deep breath, and then heard him say: “You say a relationship that night, you are being lured. rape.”
Wu Tong froze.
suddenly, abruptly laugh, “crazy!”
Ma Wan phrase left, but go flow, and gait stagger to see Junior is not assured.
Junior quickly in the past to mix her.
hands touched, she screamed: “Let me go!”
Hezhu to the rank and file have been her, waving hands be easily opened.
Wu Tong Fu did not hold, and Huangbuzelu, at the foot Yishuai, suddenly hit the oncoming turn end plate waiters.
waiter knocked falls on deckchairs by the pool.
and Wu Tong, almost fell into the pool.
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cold mist nearly instantaneous attack from all sides.
flooded from.
April day in the water, the temperature is not at least some of what the?
how still so ……
cold ……
water is not deep, Wu Tong did not fall.
just drenched.
hair dripping water to flow through the eyes, the chin turned merged into streams.
Wu Tong blurred vision, vaguely saw a man squatting in the pool, toward her a helping hand.
so calm, expressionless face.
she hate him, hate him indifference, hate him Wataru Kumi become placid -
to Junior Yizheng.
he thought he was wrong.
this woman, this look, it seems that he looked in through another person.
stretched her hand this time he was holding her.
her hand was cold.
Push Wu Tong suddenly said something, did not give any reaction time.
blink of an eye turned to the rank and file into the water the whole person.
side movement too much noise, Wu Tong climbed, the circle has gathered around to watch the people.
Zhang Mandy was among them.
Zhang Mandy looked Wu Tong, look unknown.
Then around her, to pull the pool in the rank and file.
shore Wu Tong, the water to the rank and file, another role reversal, replacement.
to the rank and file do not know where to offend this woman, cold with faces climbed.
venue managers repeatedly Sorry, the presence of all the distinguished guests, one can neglect the manager asked him two or need private space tidy.
“two dry clothes can be taken, and soon ……”
Tong Wu shook his head, interrupting the manager’s words.
turned away, out of sight of the focus of the crowd.
to the rank and file behind a low cry, some anxiety, “so how you go back?”
she did not care for him.
to junior standing still, tell yourself, calm.
recalled decades of life, but also have the ability from no woman so angry he wanted hopping.
elevator that slap he did not feel anything.
now booing!
hear of this woman!
had not reported, it is time yet to come!
Wu Tong on the roadside waiting for the bus, the wind howling trembling.
hair still dripping.
soaked dress attached to the body, the street lights a photo, instantly revealing.
her arms folded, wished he curled himself.
a private car parked in front of her, according to speakers.
convertible car, stuck a head board only prodigal expression.
big bright lights of the situation, Wu Tong saw a body up and down.
“Hello ……” This man was about to speak, Wu Tong walked away.
the car followed.
Wu Tong go fast, it will accelerate.
She walked slowly, it will slow down.
car when people do not punch her whistle.
Wu Tong without looking, teeth grinding his teeth upon her fist.
tonight is simply a disaster.
her turn on another road.
long gone behind the movement.
Wu Tong finally get rid of that.
but unexpectedly, suddenly a “drop -!” burst of trumpets.
students can endure what can not tolerate!
she stood still.
back, imagined, than the middle finger -
Tong Wu Yi Leng.
car they also are surprised a moment.
Peter Lam react, ye speechless.
look flanking a look gloomy Lizhong Mou.
“In fact, if a beauty to me than this action, she said, I will -”
“I would say ……”
Peter Lam actually meet on Lizhong Mou black dome seemingly lazy eyes.
“…… come on, f uck me baby.”
“Jian Yue.”
“shut up.”
to Lizhong Mou usual joy, anger, without form or color of the skill, at the moment of his lips slightly pursed, that they have been angry and not light.
can provoke Lizhong Mou, it is meritorious one.
Peter Lam chuckle.
abdominal non-cardiac slander to think: can be considered at the five annual leave of revenge.
parked in the driveway is not just chase roadster.
but black hatchback cars.
windshield opposite of light, can not see the car scene.
Wu Tong managed to draw from the distress of God.
she would just as soon escape.
she instantly Rush, standing on high heels, shook some ankle pain.
can not walk, heard the door open behind him.
well, a man’s voice: “Miss Wu.”
which she was familiar with the sound.
heart “thump” sound, Wu Tong looking back -
Peter Lam standing open door edge, professional smile: “Mr. Li you get on the train.”
Peter Lam spoke, slowly lowered rear side windows.
Lizhong Mou exposed face, no facial expressions, polite nod toward Wu Tong.
Lizhong Mou Over the past year, did not expect three things:
first, Tong Tong existence;
The second, on the roadside to see the naked woman would be Wu Tong;
third piece, in Peter Lam invited her on the car, the woman sneered at him half-sound, turn around and leave.
she wanted to wear it a translucent wet clothes, hang around to when?
Peter Lam eat this woman’s cold face, the face is also embarrassing, standing on the car side, somewhat at a loss.
Lizhong Mou want, asking him not to go, please?
Lizhong Mou open the door to get off.
killed this woman who can wear high heels, walked touches soon.
Lizhong Mou trot to catch up, “Do not willful on the train.”
her smile with one sensual Ling Ran: “Mr. Li, I think we’re not familiar with, I did not drive on the strange man’s habits.”
Lizhong Mou also guess this woman today is how to eat, like explosives.
he did not love and who resent the habit of thought, took off his coat draped her shoulders.
Wu Tong some resistance.
simply press his hand on her shoulder, she was not allowed to tamper with.
for her to catch the jacket.
then looked down at her.
her tender body, hood in his suit and large under cover of the cover of a tight place.
“own careful.”
she refused to pay him any heed, he would not let go of her shoulders.
Wu Tong desperation gently nodded, and then I felt a loose shoulders ——
he let her take the carriage side.
Wu Tong to see him back, startled agitated a short time, low bow, and then also turned in the opposite direction to leave.
she did not see, Lizhong Mou stopped back froze.
she did not see, Lizhong Mou paused a moment, a sudden U-turn.
she did not hear the footsteps of some urgency, towards her close.
but she felt, his arm was suddenly grabbed.
Lizhong Mou did not give her a good face, do not speak directly clutching her arm, dragging a near car.
“Mr. Li!”
Lizhong Mou did not seem to hear.
bent, put this woman into the back seat, then also sit in, close the door, “Drive.”
Tong Wu heard the voice of the man without ups and downs.
Peter Lam saw this man pinched lips, as well as tension between the eyebrows.
Peter Lam sitting in the copilot position, can not help but to look at Wu Tong two.
this woman is not simple, let the boss move a word anger.
well to learn from her that she has to learn.
driving the car did not take long, Lizhong Mou phone rang, and he answered the phone, the other end is Mandy Chang, asked him what time.
Lizhong Mou side up sideways, a grid and a low voice, “a little something to do, no way to pick you up.”
“Oh? Really?” Zhang Mandy seemed to be thinking things, answer half a beat slower, “that you’re busy.”
“ah, thanks.”
To hang up, Mandy Chang suddenly stopped, “Eric!”
“I love you.”
“Me too.”
car people do not speak, do not open sound.
Zhang Mandy a phone call, including the driver, four could hear clearly.
end of the call, the car atmosphere was subsequently dropped below freezing.
seat two people, each look out the window on both sides.
Wu Tong ears, has been echoed a TV drama: me too ……
his words, as the alarm awakens her.
Wu Tong though tipsy is not casual, but she suddenly felt that I had not been so sober.
driver to take over Tong Tong home, knowing the address of the Wu family.
parked Wu Tonggong apartment downstairs.
Wu Tong mild temper up suddenly like, politely say thank you, get off.
Lizhong Mou sight cast out of the window, watching the woman is moving away from the back.
driver just restart the car, I heard Lizhong Mou said: “Wait.”
driver shoved a hand brake, the car did not stop, Lizhong Mou had to get off.
This time she goes slowly, he soon catch up.
Lizhong Mou heard myself ask her: “Tong Tong sleep it?”
next night, Whose heart, suffered a spell of?
This time, Wu Tong Tong Tong did not refuse his request to visit.
this woman suddenly sensibly together, Lizhong Mou do not know why, but he’d be happy to see her like that.
both a front and rear door.
just entered the room, a surge of pills only to discover channeling over.
there are kids screaming -
Wu Tong eardrums a thorn. Sound is coming from the kitchen!
She quickly ran to two children stuck in the kitchen door, inside the fire Wang, stove on high channeling flames.
Tong Tong heard movement, a look back to see Wu Tong, a small finger with stove help: “Mommy! Mommy there!”
Wu Tong ran.
hand just bumped the switch, a flame suddenly channeling, the fire rushed over to her.
she can be heard behind Tong Tong and John shouted, “Yeah!” screamed loudly.
Wu Tong conditioned reflex, raising his hand to cover your own face.
no action and flame shot up even faster speeds.
‘d be another person’s speed faster than the flames.
the second, a care in the hands of her face.
next second, I do not know what method to use, the fire “bass” were destroyed arrogance.
whole process fast, Wu Tong did not have time to see.
again glancing intently.
wet tablecloth is muffled cap on the gas stove, Zizi smoky.
Then Wu Tong realized: he is being firmly owned in someone’s arms.
very tight, also close by.
Wu Tong micro a migraine, he saw a Zhangqing Juan’s face.
Lizhong Mou shot from the side facing her.
still nursing his hand on her face.
and her whole person, the whole body, almost buckle on his chest.
his every breath and downs, both shook her stinging.
Lizhong Mou also gave her a migraine.
he was stunned. What
eyes flashed quickly let go of her.
Lizhong Mou looked down at his hands.
hand burns, are blazing across the knuckles to burn.
Akira God some of his pain.
memory like a roll of tape recorders, resounding swing.
back just that scene.
in his arms, then the soft one.
such things do not belong to him.
he snatch hold in general.
Lizhong Mou give birth to a trace of guilt actually faint.
no love Cheng Huan 10
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Lizhong Mou walking god.
“your hand okay?”
woman soft hands along with urgent voice from.
flexible fingertip pull Lizhong Mou stiff hand.
this woman carefully check his wound.
expression, like in the distressed.
weird feeling again.
Lizhong Mou frown, move it out of her hand gently Qiaoqiao.
he crossed Wu Tong, lower your eyes carefully looked at the degree of depreciation of gas stoves, it seems some displeasure, eyebrows Weicu back: “This thing spent a few years?”
Wu Tong really hate him so the tone of her voice is extruded from Chifeng, “…… six years.” equally snappily.
longer willing to dwell with him, Wu Tong ferret hiding in the corner of the two children in shock: “Why play with fire?!”
two children were Wu Tong Sang Sang Hezhu tone, the body was shocked.
you look at me, I look at you.
both do not speak.
such a scene, Lizhong Mou Tong Tong noon naturally asked him to think of that sentence:
“I was playing with you and mom …… play out?”
Peter Lam, see you do good! ! !
Lizhong Mou slow quell anger. He walked over, habit, to comfort someone, prior patted the shoulder. Lizhong Mou is doing, and can be placed on the hand of a woman’s bare shoulders rounded, they regret it. Looking back to look at his
her eyes.
also see him in her hand.
Crackdown eyes seems like a scourge.
Lizhong Mou quietly let go, turn on the Tong Tong Speak softly: “It is very dangerous, not the next.”
He Nie Yinie Tong Tong nose.
Tong Tong wrinkled his nose.
Lizhong Mou rub Lohan may head.
John can shrink shrink neck.
he plays fatherly, by contrast, she had become a bad mother. Wu Tong looked at this scene, teeth, “giggle” started.
buy people? He can do it best!
Is not that put him out of their own sites?
Wu Tong admission can not do, she saw the back of his red hot, and my heart correcting tight.
cast him out?
which she willing?
to blame but himself to blame this heart to blame, they found a man, low to the dust, no room to turn around.
Tong Tong to see my mother face to act, fart Britain Britain turned around to find cabinet medicine cabinet. Lizhong Mou see his son brought burn ointment, a knowing smile, a kiss on the cheek Wet your child.
Tong Tong look back a mother, my mother encouraged his face.
Tong Tong settle down, turn on the lid for Dad Cayao.
After all, a child, start with I do not know the severity, Wu Tong see Lizhong Mou cold sweat streaming down, but this man refused to say anything soon, Tong Tong asked: “Does it hurt?” He shook his head.
human actions can not, Tong Tong hand action and add a little strength, Lizhong Mou finally “hiss -” gasped a breath.
him this soon, scared Tong Tong immediately spread hand, not taking even.
thought Tong Tong tilted his head, suddenly turned and beckoned: “Mom, you have come!”
children in a devout, Xianbao look: “Mom, give him a ‘whistling’ it!” Then, do not forget to Lizhong Mou explained, “blowing a blow not hurt, very spiritual.”
tone of certainty, are almost even listened to Wu Tong believed.
************************ It shamelessly skin
fail to beat the children, Wu Tong Tong Tong replace seat, sitting beside Lizhong Mou.
Lizhong Mou actually no objection, only faint looked at her, as if waiting for her to continue. Yang Zhao
an emotion in his eyes, as if to resist, but also like to be close.
see Wu Tong whole body tense.
two adults looked serious, but the two children hiding in the side laughing.
Wu Tong persistent Lizhong Mou’s hand, symbolic blow it. Instantly, electric shock-like release.
Wu Tong heart under striking.
she had to get something to do, in short …… no longer enough to stay in front of this man.

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How do I got under the hand to stifle their future, Ye Kai so, so Chao, Zhao Shuai is out of the dragon. May encounter a mediocre person I can selfishly wanted possession of his lifetime, but are not so good people …… Yeah, so when I was reluctant. handsome strong as his fortress in front of others, but I could see that his cowardice in the face of his family when the show only. Because the family is living in your fortress inside, you can easily destroy the fort lies. Even how much he loved me, they can not go against his family, he was timid at that moment, but like people, real. I calm down and think about it, really do not blame him. He told me the underground affair, like perennial kept in the pagoda for the lonely prince in love birds flying outside, even how he put it down, there must give up the day. Instead of deep-seated feelings have deep abstain, as early to give more practical. long pain as short-term pain for him is good for me. I do not blame him, and forgave him, but only God make us strangers ─ ─ meet, do not recognize each other. perhaps many years later, he will give me send wedding invitations. I looked far this couple in front of the church, on the lawn, watching the pure Bai Shengjie princess, has been promised to love her for life prince promises. I will silently bless them, envy me never get happiness …… think clearly, to feel physically relaxed, and eager to want to do something to fill the emptiness of the next holiday. Chapter 62 Yes, since Chao came to Beijing, I went to him to play Well ~ ~ do not know why, he came to Beijing in advance so early, not because you want me, ha ha ha …… I’m so unrequited love ~ however, gave him no one answered so many calls, I really do not know how it is, because I will not change the number he did not recognize it? ! I sometimes do not bother to pick unfamiliar numbers of incoming calls. No! I want to persevere, have to let him notice that I can not! ! finally, in my numerous calls after playing …… “Hey, Which?” ferocious tone Oh! “Hey hey hey ……” “I’m sorry, are you okay, then please do not harass me!” “Hey hey hey ……” I found the people around me have been infected with some cribbing good. “Ah you sick! I hung up.” “ah ─ ─ etc!! not kidding you, I was dazzle friends ~” “Which Which hyun?” That has allowed me to eat a little taste. “Do not you know other Hyun?” Humph! “What?! not in Japan, do you?” “happy to return to Beijing ahead of the young master ~ ~ hell do you?” “cool, cool! make me personally more cool!” “Cut ~ What are you doing? like around a bit noisy.” “Oh, I’m still in the kitchen, which is into the lounge, you wait for the next.” kitchen? His home kitchen do? There are a lot of people do? Is it in the opening party? ! “Hey, cool, how do you come back so early?” “ah …… Oh, in Japan, having failed to make the chant – one reason or another? do you have a party? can I go?” “No, I am working in a restaurant because the phone has been vibrating non-stop, so I want to see what the annoying guy.” “Oh, sorry to bother you work …… how do you think of going to work out? social practice do? when there is time to come out and play?” “So long story, I am afraid no time to play. If you want to see me, to inspiring restaurant now! specific address is ……” “Well, you wait, I’ll go!” so I sneak into the kitchen and then arriving at the restaurant after seeing an astronomical wonders, I could not believe my eyes! Chao when did you become a kind of standard good man? looked at him in the palm knife chef boiling room looks like, he could not believe at this time, and usually seen in school that is full of domineering, ultra welcomed by the girls playboy brother is the same person. However, he wore overalls look really great spirit! I could not help gazing …… “Here is the powerhouse of the kitchen, you want to speak?” “ah?” I like this one simply borrow anthomaniac caught, shame. “You are looking for the toilet you, your guests wrong, I’ll take you to go!” looked up and saw the standard of a professional mature MM. “ah, no, sorry, I, I want to find Chao ……” “Oh …… Chao you break into someone looking for you.” ah, really bit reasonable estimate of the MM ─ ─ manager is the manager, or else how has the power to allow staff to rest. “Laila little darling ~ with me to the lounge!” “less disgusting!! manager here seems pretty good thing for you …” “ha ha …… I was glamorous yo …” “actually have the nerve!” Chapter 63 “baby child, miss me?” one into the lounge, he would not put me squeeze decent door in the wall, ruffian ruffian smile. “just do not want to …” Seeing his face quickly droop down. “But I want!” returning to kiss wild and blind, Simo was bitten his lips, his overbearing smell, flooded into my chest, so I could not help again sink …… for him, I always contradictory, because he always is such that I can not refuse. “super, you listen to me ……” “wow!” he Ziyaliezui pain, “You’re biting me!!” “Oh, sorry.” I snickered because Should I stop him in time, who knows a little later he will become dizzy, and cast me …… me …… right now ~ “When do you work?” “three in the afternoon it!” He looked at his watch, “only eleven, you wait for me?” “ah, anyway, I would have nothing else.” I looked around the staff lounge, “Just wait here for you?” “right. course, you can also around a walk out on my own.” “Well! you get busy you are right …” “ah, my dear let me savory ~” I left to hide the right flash, with his battle rather like playfulness. he was gone, I secretly opened the door to enjoy his cooking heroic …… Oh …… God is to give birth to such a person: no matter how dirty he has done, how ordinary things are handsome enough to let you jealous to the point. to prohibit their endless self-pity, without lying on the lounge beds on their playing mobile games, has been hit completely out of power …… “Ah!” seems to be throwing in something, although the back is soft to the touch, or woke me …… what? ! Awakened? Ah …… I actually was waiting for him when unknowingly fell asleep. “Oh, you sleep really dead …” Chao activities in the activities of his arm, and said: “If I live far away from the restaurant, I did not confident to be able to hold you.” “Ha ─ ─ ─ ─ ah?!” hold to? This is too ashamed of it! ! “Oh, look at this room look familiar?” He quirky smile. by …… I think of it …… how could I forget …… the first time is not confused here …… followed also suffered extremely painful blow …… “I go ……” quick rubs up against the door, want to escape from here. “and so on!” “Well ……” was grabbed back neck, once again thrown into bed feeling really bad experience, if possible, I do not want to try again. So at the moment I’m like a slaughtered lamb just like staying in bed looking at him honestly. …… chill oozes smooth brushed my body, so I experience a profound look at what is called: human Daozu, I fish’s plight. …… squinted against the bedplate glimpse Chao puff, really can not stand! “You do not smoked okay? Has just been strong person is me, and not you! Your melancholy a P ah!!” “are not used to smoke smell?” “is not only the smoke into the nose, and I was forced to smoke it would be in the!” “Well, not smoked.” words, he turned around and twist off the cigarette butts. “When relapsing? while not addictive, quit it.” “before the burst of children, with a lot of things, something that can make people calm.” “What’s wrong, I say you, how so early back to Beijing?” “with a lot of things ……” “……” I quietly waiting for him below, but did not …… he also quiet down, even the air was calm drowsiness. Chapter 64 “do not say well, I’m tired, sleep for.” “Baby ~” He lay down the body, holding me from behind. two young body, because just have experienced intense sex, but also suffused with pink-colored gas. He hugged me tightly, fit with my back, strong arms tightly grabbed my waist, just like spoiled like rubbing my neck, whispering: “Do not leave me ……” I think he must have something to say, that I do not know how to speak, he needs comfort, need time to nurture feelings …… “My dad …… jail, five years imprisonment, because …… embezzlement of public funds.” He slow slow, “appears to deserve it, but we all know the family, the fact is not so! I know dad, he surrounded people who are aware of him, he is not such a person! Besides our family, though not wealthy, but never short of money. ” “…… listen to mom, he is the body bone is too hard, offended should not offend people, we, the ordinary citizens, how Doude Guo officer …… but …… but I do not want to just give up! Did you know ? I do not want to just give up!! ” “I know.” He held my waist Le, almost made me kind of illusion is broken. “And now? How to do?” “I do not know …… I think the future so confused ……” Whew, he like a deflated ball, loosen up my body. “Our family also had to order it on a trumped-up 1.5 million of public funds and everywhere to borrow money, owe a debt fucking ass!” “So you come to Beijing to work? That, that schools do? do you go to school?” “Where there is money for my family to go to school …… we sold the house in Qinghai, deposits are taken out, there is seven hundred and fifty thousand, only half of it just as much as arrears, alas …… to borrow the money, but also it is also human interest, not only the seven hundred and fifty thousand. ” “then you will not on?! Are you willing to go to work this way? subsistence wage only right, but also on how this money?” “I do not know, sir, so that lost it …… Hyun Hyun, you, can you …… can not leave me …… I really need you …… you can not break up …… and the guy then, and then, and my contacts? ” I do not know if I should tell him, he and I had that kid mouth parted. He turned turned his back I said to myself: “Damn it, I am his mother really is not a thing! actually thinking about at this time also use your sympathy for me, so you agree to contact me.” “super, I ……” I also like his right, but I really have no confidence and he can go on down. I do it not selfish, he did not want to refuse because of fear of their own hurt again nothing. Although it looks like he was pretty miserable, but in the future it? Once he was out of this situation, he will be with me? He will not feel his choice is a joke? He would not just put out with me as a kind of consolation? I am also confused, really …… “Well, we talk about this.” He suddenly sat up, the cheaper Simple Double swinging constantly confused. “is coming time, I have a class night at seven workers, is in the nightclub when the bartender.” I got up and I want to send to send him, but found himself not dressed this up, the body of the quilt they fell down, did not block one of Happy Together. heard him whistling rogue, busy drilling shame excessively warm quilt. In fact, he did not know what the shame, obviously he and some I have, again, what I have not seen him do that? “Cowboy in the nightclub when it ~ rogue!” gas, however, had muffled retorted. “Yes – that is very kind of rogue Cowboy ~ baby jealous yet?” “Cut ~ beautiful you ~” head covered with a quilt, deliberately not see him showing off in front of me like a generous clothes. “Shop …… Where? What?” “called blue Jueqing Gu, ha ha ha, very strange name it …… Yes, you are not allowed to go oh! heard yet?” “no ……” Why? ! I have chosen you say do not go ~ “hum hum …… What did you say? hope you can not get out of bed for a week?” He leaned over and looked sinister horrifying Yeah …… I …… “me, I said, I heard enough Well ……” “Oh ~ That’s good, obediently waiting for me at home ~ no accident, then I can be home by about one o’clock.” he opened the door dressed in the final I did not forget Huitouchong meaningful smile ~ “Do not worry I come back, I will slowly ~ satisfy your lustful hunger that has a small body – I do not want to hold my baby and then broken, put out soliciting other men, the same mistakes, I will not recidivism twice! ” “Damn! Kuaigun ─ ─ do not know in the end is who is more hungry!!” Chapter 65 (End) day he toss tired after a long time did not do it, the body in the end still be a bit confusing. Then think of his threat, I fell down to sleep a wink, a night without dreams. day, get enough sleep for a long time ago began to toss a Master Chao, forcing Wang Chao smoked out two slight black eye. In fact, I do not no reason to be awakened him, I mainly want to talk to him pieces of serious things, but he always humming in his sleep perfunctory me. “Seriously, super, I can help you pay for tuition okay? you continue to go to school!” “Do not.” this time with a slight Chao students get gas, the first cigarette in the morning draw. “You! alas …… how do you so stubborn, workers can have a future? Are you at least want to get a college diploma.” “I do not want the subject of grace.” with me too see outside? You do not want me to do when your BF? Of course, I did not say these words ─ ─ export. “I know, so I think that I borrowed money to be regarded as You Tube, and later still I wait for you to have money again too late ah ~ I put those savings banks are also waiting for mildew, it is better for you to invest.” “But you know, I still owe someone a debt ass do not know when I’ll still on it! which can also to your life?” “I’m not in a hurry you to slow down, and, and you’re a big deal, it favors Well ……” “What?!” He hurried Qiadiao cigarette butts, the clouds broke open, staring at me. “I said, you marry me! still finished in the money I lent you before, have only my people ……” I clearly heard his shocking statement, my brain and my mouth has been cast in a horizontal line can not stand thinking. Really shameless! I have to kill myself looking for a block of tofu. “My God! Do you know what do you say? you, you can determine what you are saying? Yes Really? You want me to have depends on your side? Really? such useless me down and you have to ? Really Really? ” “Well, you do not say, I’m an adult, able to be responsible for your own words.” “I love you darling child,” he tightly hugged me, “You’re such a behavior is beguiled me, and I’ll never let you do not want to pay off the money.” While this dialogue a bit funny, but …… This is the promise you? This is the legend of a lifetime promise you? By his smell comes out of the familiar fresh taste, mixing unfamiliar tobacco …… I do not want to consider so much. sister said there was not a thing ─ ─ matter in the future, the future we’ll talk! my stunning college life BY: Frozen flamingo (END) [Pour pity ladies] 193K 09-02 05:12 804  \r

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“Tabby Cat ah! You how dead? How can you be dead!” Cat grandfather sitting around crying, heartbroken: “I finally raised so much of your day, how can you say that death is dead? Now you’re dead, so how do I do? Do you want me to raise them that the Department of crushed your car do? I do not do it! Tabby Cat Tabby Cat …… ooo, ooo …… ah …… ”

cat crying uncle see more sad than their own, can not help touching, patting the shoulder cats, but cats come from consolation: “Do not cry, cry cry do not come back. You kids are really very kind, ah, I got to see you put Tabby Cat hiding, still thinking about you prank …… Oh, I knew you like it so much, not trying to bully it, I would not have it sent away. ”

“Tabby Cat ah! my algorithm and data structure design ooo …… ah ……”

“My Tabby Cat ah.”

boys apartment Guikulanghao the night before the exam, one old and one small cry eyes out.

dawn, cats wore two black eye was slightly taken away exam.

“die, certainly not pass the little goldfish died, Tabby Cat is dead.” Cat absence, said: “The teacher does not help, will not be around to help, I’m dead.”

“Come on.”

into the examination room, sitting slightly cat unexamined specified location, turned around and saw a slight actually sitting in his side. Although he suffered very badly because Tabby thing, but still a little situation, frowning asked: “how do you sit here? Examinations seating chart can not change point, how quickly called over the military.”

slightly mysterious wink: “I do not sit here, how can I help you?”

“useless, seating control invigilator will immediately expose you.”

“I have already arranged to sit here, ah.”

cat shook his head, his face did not believe: “Do not lie to me, I have seen seating chart, sitting here is what the military.”

slightly shook his head helplessly: “Oh, you only stupid cat.”

“Hey! you then say I was stupid cat, I ……”

“You see that last year’s seating chart.”

cat luminous eyes wide: “What? you say ……”

“Keke, the students, the examination will soon begin, please review the information put aside, the examination supplies on the table.” invigilator holding papers appear in the examination room door.

exams, finally arrived.

exam is the most important student issues now. Cats use Showtime teach hands ready, failed. Raising a small goldfish and Tabby Cat, fail.

only thing he is not too fails, is to choose a slightly.

since he chose Pico, Pico and how it will make him fail?

Haha, algorithm design and data structures, is not so difficult to solve it.

Chapter XIV
Who is the strongest

exam successfully concluded, cats receiving the transcript, finally had a holiday mood. To express gratitude slightly, slightly decisions and traveling with cats, of course, travel expenses by slightly out.

slightly out of this toll quite willingly. Exam problem has been resolved, of course, require Closer to home, back to the old road up to solve physical problems.

once both intimate journey, it is very necessary.

to know that physical problem which is an old problem in the world so slightly brood few problems, but why is one of physiological problems, other problems will not forget, this is him and cats involves lifelong “sex” blessing The problem, in any case, even if the knife down the mountain flames must also complete the difficult task of the revolution.

order to better complete the task, and even decided to further help in the field slightly, Showtime personally to ask, I hope my sister and some bottom pressure moves against cats available for reference (for Showtime this talent, slightly quite confident) . Unexpectedly Showtime last restaurant on the things of fear, so that the sight of my brother away. This seems to rely on their own strength slightly up.

they are students, limited spending power, chose the cheaper rail seat tickets.

station platform, two handsome college appeared.

a hand to get a ice cream, leisurely tour zai licking; another big bag back, back, back in front of a big bag in her hand, a large sack of snacks.

ah, I do not say that we can all guess?? former is a cat, which is slightly.

car, cat ice cream has finished digesting his three-step to find a seat, sit down to a big way.

“Location is very empty Well, I thought people would leave to travel a lot of it!”

poor guy, it seems he did not know the significance of this trip.

this train passengers are not many cats on the desktop slightly and covered with snacks, look out the window trees roared backwards.

Although the sight of two men fall out of the window at the scenery, but the scenery is clearly not the two focus lies. Cats because the algorithm design and data structures just qualified, went bugbear, is spectacularly good mood, and wholeheartedly enjoy desktop assortment of snacks and slightly services.

slightly his trip is being considered the most important task.

how to coax the cat to go to bed? No, no, it should be how to make cat “sex” blessing it?

slight edge patiently peel the seeds, to just eat the cats mouth, while quietly looked calculations ignorant of his cats.

cats are not ordinary people, for the very people who, it is necessary to use very laws. After over three train stations, desktop seeds have all been hand-fed cats slight belly. When the cat starts burped squinted seems ready to take a nap when the battle plan has been slightly unusual means of?? Such rival, drunk, knocked dizzy such programs removed from their own plans.

abandon these means consuming a lot of slightly firm will, God knows more than he wanted to punch front Benmao stunned, directly to the bed, to a What is done can not be undone, such as cat woke up again to tell him a done deal.

Of course, this can only have fun in my mind only. Slightly from the cat in action to deal with than lip service to be soft on tenfold from slightly after each fight cat who’s hurt more than you can prove.

“sleepy.” slightly as expected, cats Shengelanyao.

smiled slightly and said softly: “sleep.”

they chose seat cars, cats nodded, then Shengelanyao, of course, lying slightly thigh, asleep together.

slight bow, looking at his own thigh as a pillow cats. Seats not long, legs curled up cat leaning back, carefully holding the cat slightly heavy head, move out of it, so he slept comfortable.

sleeping cats surprisingly quiet, smiled slightly at heart, index finger, slide from the broad forehead aquiline nose, took the opportunity to take advantage of the big cat’s face.

how to coax the cat to go to bed? This is not a moral issue in the quiet atmosphere of warmth without TIPS rise. But how can you blame a little, he has been quite able to control the desires of people.

cats on this issue is a tough opponent, while slightly more aware of their strength not to disregard the feelings of cats. The only way is to flatter cats voluntary sacrifice.

However, to painlessly cats voluntary sacrifice is not an easy thing, it can not help but think of this slightly Showtime teeth, is her cat in front of hype in sex with pain, the cat scared as frightened.

heist can not, why not outsmart? Outsmart the case, for cats this personality, take a more vulnerable stance might work.

example …… malingering?

“Cat, I …… I die, I die only wish is …… is …… is that you can and you ……”

“You do not say, I understand.” Cats look of determination, self-conscious Kuanyijiedai ……

laughs scenes appear in the minds of a slight fever, third second after that it will never be feasible.

Alas, road conditions difficult to walk. Sigh loudly, looking at cat sleeping face, can not help but hung his head in his aquiline nose happens to look cute and kissed.

Only you can call me no way, heartless cats. Recalled cat totally ignoring his pain and various avoidance behavior, so that a slight love and hate, Qinliaoyikou after again simply nibble a cat nose.

sleeping cat in a dream suddenly attacked, “ah” sound bark, reflective of a slight thigh from the back straight and sit up, almost hit on the forehead slightly, he just woke up, still do not understand how one thing , exposing looked slightly dazed look.

slightly most like to see him look silly, deliberately put on a stunned look like: “how?”

“nose hurts ……” cat rubbed his nose, it seems clear the point, added a little wary of unexamined, looking slightly unhappy to guess: “You bite me?”

“hey why would I bite you, what are you dreaming?”

slightly an innocent expression, cats just woke up more confused, it really his mistake? But really a little sore nose …… Yeah.
He looked slightly
alert, could not find a trace of flaws, but to Momobizi, frowning leaning back.

slightly tease the cat look, mind and feel overjoyed. And cats get along with the greatest pleasure that seems to prevail irrational cats everywhere, in fact, always been a slight tease without knowing it.

As night began to fall, another one hour they will reach their destination?? Suzhou.

spend enough this trip also considered the cost, we must strive to complete the task. Cats staring slightly, blood boiling up. Happened, when he saw the cat, cats also turned to look at him, saw his face slightly quizzical look, alert eyes wide open.

slightly asked with concern: “how?”

“look Zeixiao ……” Cat turn his eyes: “You will not be going in scenic West Lake shore for me to do wicked things, right?”

think cats so much smarter, slightly slightly surprised a moment, then laughed.

“What are you laughing?” Cat thought painful things uncomfortable. He knew slightly years, deeply understand a little to reach the goal to give up personality, and in this matter, slightly less likely to give up.

“Cats,” smiled enough cats only patted on the shoulder, the way to bite bite cat’s ear and said softly: “West Lake in Hangzhou, Suzhou, is not.”

originally mocked him no geographical knowledge? Cat glared slightly, just to refute the opening, slightly and bite his ear: “And I can assure you, that thing is definitely not wicked, that would be the happiest of your life thing.”

looked slightly confidence looks like, I do not know why, cats give birth to a feeling of doom.

whether doom, get off after the two primary task is still relatively consistent??? looking for something to eat.

“I want to eat the famous Suzhou big meat bun.”

“I want to eat noodles.”

“buns good.”

“But I want to eat noodles.”

outside the station, a guy holding a lot of baggage and one empty-handed guy fights exhilaration.

results of the two went to a roadside stalls to eat roast lamb.

“who often self-praise, it is not because of inner self-esteem?” holding lamb skewers munching pico, suddenly blurting irrelevant words.

blazing cat a tasty lamb skewers hand, drink in one hand, her mouth full of food and asked: “What do you mean?”

“Not much, just suddenly remembered you always praise himself is the smartest cat heaven and earth, that ……”

“Well,” cats eat their lamb skewers, turned slightly to the hands of a bunch of attack, threatening, said: “I am a cat, this is what you said.”

slightly innocent shrug: “But I did not add anything in front of the class smart kind noble adjectives ah.”

“in the end you want to say?”

“I just remembered before leaving Showtime for me to say ……”

heard Showtime’s name, sensitive cats looked up: “That monster say anything?”

“she said ……” slight frown: “Cat, do not say that Showtime, she was not a monster.”

“not a monster?” Cat rolled his eyes: “What is not a monster? shield their mistakes.”

slightly serious consideration, which is quite pertinent to say: “Max is a pervert.” ranging cats answer, his smile revealing a counterattack before: “But why do some people like to listen to the words of perverted it?”

“I?” Cat quite self-knowledge pointed to his nose: “When I listen to the words of her?”

“ah?” slight sneer, the handle ring in the chest.

facts are cats can not be completely denied, had not willing to Momobizi, frowning murmured: “Yes ah? Why?”

his loss from Showtime where to eat enough, once twice three or four times, each time to remind ourselves Showtime is a demon, you can look back and think they can not help but feel that there is a reasonable proposal Showtime place.

cat looked slightly anxious, Puchi laugh out proudly said: “I say in it? Well, if you say that you have a full advantage, they will not be afraid to try to do with me the happiest thing. ”

Cats hearts alarm bells: “Well, I know you ill.”

slight chuckle, suddenly revealing a little sly look: “I have decided, if you still refuse me tonight, I’ll break up with you.”

“break up?” Cat eyes widened slightly surprised to read a long time, shaking his head, said: “No, absolutely not.”

slightly Offhand, I did not expect cats reacted strongly and immediately up a little smug, bumbling sigh, said: “I can do nothing. journal Science, said if the men suppressed for too long can damage the body The body is the capital, I can not younger Light did not put the capital deceives. “original break up would have such a big shock lover, no wonder television motionless woman likes to say,” Let’s break up “, it really is a good move.

cat swallowed nervously: “That this meal who pays? I can tell you, I did not have any money. well, tonight’s accommodation who pays? there is a ticket back to it?”

“You’re unwilling to break up these?” slightly damaged self-esteem, immediately growl.

“Is there anything else?” Cat innocent and slightly on the TV, scratched his head: “Oh, well …… that baggage who helped me get it?”

indeed the cat, only he can quickly stir up anger slightly. Pico has put down the beef string, embattled lifted the sleeve.

“nonsense on the flat and then you.”

“You broke it, I should be flat you.”

“Come on over!”

“You first come!”

“Well, had it before. no conscience cat! see how I teach you a lesson.”

slight rattling walked over, and stare at each other like cats cockfighting, the atmosphere began to get nervous.

on the TV, eyes collide, sparks were flying.

one second, two seconds, three seconds ……

“slight,” cat suddenly like a taut string being switched on the screws to the general Panasonic, bitter face and whispered: “I’m so sorry ……” actually feet a soft, slightly down on the arms.

“Cat? cats! Cat! Do not scare me!”

nine at night too great, Suzhou, a small clinic to the two little guy.

“Doctor! Doctor!” Come on guy yelled to see that mighty, young, not only the hands and neck hung a big bag, also carrying a back him look older and about the same guy.

anxiously to find the emergency room, a slight limp cat gingerly placed on the diagnostic table, the doctor on duty immediately hands holding hands, almost trembling reporting: “We are killing the sheep skewers, and then told him not comfortable, then they down and I put him back back …… back …… ”

“Do not worry, said slowly.”

“not urgent?” slightly raised his voice and found